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Homesafe install Fire Alarms to NZS 4512:2003
We are pleased to be able to provide a quotation for any size system
Buildings need to be split into zones. An indication of the zone activation needs to be indicated on the panel. All alerting devices on a zone shall operate together except as permitted in a Type 5 system.
Ancillary Services
On activation of the Control Panel it may initiate (Not Power) through relays.
  • Ventilation systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Lift controls

Sprinkler pressure and flow switches must not generate a Fire Alarm (signal only)
Fire Alarm
Operation of 1 or more detectors or call points shall result in a Fire Alarm by;
  • Alerting devices in building
  • Indication on the panel and any indicating unit and repeater.
  • Signal (When required to be connected)
  • a,b and c above are optional where detectors are fitted for local alarm
  • Audible alarms are to operate till manually reset.
  • Alarms using voice systems are to override any other function when in alarm.
  • Conventional smoke detectors need to operate twice before an alarm signal is sent
    (analogue algorithms override this issue).
  • Ancillary alarms that are indicative of a fire such as a sprinkler head are permitted to activate the alarm.
  • Signalling shall latch
  • Alarm shall continue until system restored or silence switch operated.
  • Outside switch key operated and marked "Silence Alarms. Brigade Use Only".
    Operated detectors are isolated only.
  • Ancillary equipment such as a sprinkler control must have the same switch fitted.
Manual Reset Facilities
Only possible when activated devices have been reset or cleared. This may require replacement parts or other devices such as switches within the panel.
Evacuation & Alert Switches
A key operated switch Market "Evacuation" on the panel is to be used to isolate the signalling and to allow testing and trial evacuations.

A key marked "Alert" is used for testing staged evacuation.
Defect Warning
When the following occurs;
  • When battery level is below the manufacturers capacity.
  • Open or Short circuit on a zone or low/high impedance that prevents the detection from operating the zone.
  • Suitable LED's, LCD or other system.
  • If incandescent lamps are used 2 are required in case of failure.

  • Colours
    • Fire Alarm RED
    • Defect AMBER or YELLOW
    • Normal GREEN
    • Ancillary AMBER or YELLOW
  • Supplementary indicators (Such as a sprinkler flow switch) RED
  • All indicators to be clearly labelled.

  • Alphanumeric Displays
    • Must be legible
    • Letter and numbers minimum of 4.5mm
    • Display at least one alarm
    • Information simultaneously displayed
      • Zone Location
      • Zone Condition (e.g. Fault)
      • Alarm type (e.g. Smoke)
      • Number of Zones in alarm
Electrical Supply
Mains power and battery back up complying with the Electricity Regulations.
Detectors are powered from panel supply
Battery Charger
Used to float charge 12 volt rechargeable batteries.
Battery Back up
Non Signalled system 72 hours for non alarm load plus 30 minutes full alarm.
Signalled system 24 hours for non alarm load plus 30 minutes full alarm.
Detection System
Detectors must latch on activation, show an indication and be manually reset at the control panel.
Alerting Devices
Alerting devices (Audible or strobes) need to be red or have the word fire written in RED.

Audible voice alarms may be used for ancillary services such as public address announcements.

If a public address system is used as the alarm circuit, the fire alarm signal must take priority. The signal must be easily distinguishable. The power supply must be monitored.
Single Zone panels can only cover a single zone.

A panel indicating zonal area is not then required

Unless declared a requirement the following are not required
  • Signalling
  • Isolation facilities
  • Functional tests.
  • Internal Silencing Switch
  • Fire Brigade Access
  • Verbal messaging.
Aspirated Smoke Detectors
For detection of very low levels of smoke. As this is a complex piece of equipment and not a common product, refer to NZ4512 and manufacturers data before design or work commences.
Delay Timers
Used to enable investigation where the environment may give rise to false alarms
Only to be used after consultation with the authorities having jurisdiction.
Manual call points must not be on the delay activation of the alarm.
Not used to delay Fire Service response
Owner Isolation Facilities
May be provided where only on Type 7 (Sprinklers) systems where:
  • Alarm being signaled by smoke detectors
  • When remote connection gas not been installed due to predictable false alarms.
  • Approved by those having jurisdiction.

Shall not be used to inhibit alarms from:
  • Signals from Manual Call Points
  • Heat Detectors
  • General activations of the alerting devices.

Isolation shall be external to the control unit and secured against unauthorized use. An indication of isolation should be visible.
To be provided and maintained:
  • Log Book
  • Equipment list and locations
  • Battery Calculations
  • Special maintenance requirements
Certificate of Completion
For all:
  • New Systems
  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Upgrades

Fire & Safety Ltd |  FAQ Fire Alarms